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Fahwerk houses - what is it?

The cost of our timbered

House box price

of 470 usd/m2

what include in price

Home Finishing Price

of 800 usd/м2

what include in price

Features and benefits of fahwerk houses

A distinctive feature of fahwerk houses can rightly be considered that the supporting beams of the structure are not hidden, they can be seen from the outside and they look like a decorative element. This solution gives the facades in the style of fachwerk special charm, individuality and recognition.

For hundreds of years, during which fahwerk houses gained popularity around the world, construction technology has not changed much. It was only supplemented and improved in the light of modern techniques and methods of frame housing construction. All this once again underlines the fact that the fahwerk technology has a number of indisputable advantages:


The strength and lightness of the fahwerk construction make it possible to do without arranging a massive foundation;
Fahwerk houses do not shrink;
Fahwerk construction technology allows you to plan in the house of almost any configuration without the additional construction of load-bearing walls;
The process of building a house using the frame technology is carried out in the shortest possible time;

Our projects

  • House with a flat roof


    House box 113 846 USD
    Decor 68 308 USD
    Networks 41 744 USD
  • Standard house design


    House box 76 923 USD
    Decor 46 154 USD
    Networks 28 205 USD
  • Japanese home


    House box 208 846 USD
    Decor 125 308 USD
    Networks 76 577 USD
  • German house


    House box 93 846 USD
    Decor 56 308 USD
    Networks 34 410 USD
  • Modern cottage


    House box 163 077 USD
    Decor 97 846 USD
    Networks 59 795 USD
  • Cubism


    House box 106 154 USD
    Decor 63 692 USD
    Networks 38 923 USD
All projects

You can also order the construction of your project or instruct us to develop a project to fit your needs

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