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Half-timbered houses

Half-timbered houses

What is a fachwerk?

Fachwerk is a type of building structure. Thus timbered as
other designs, has its own characteristic features. In this
case frame acts as a carrier substrate. Applied straight beams, and
also inclined. To apply them softwood.
Looking at the half-timbered houses, you have to evaluate their characteristic appearance
features. From the house, which is the outside, you can see the beams.
This feature affects the appearance, which have half-timbered houses.
Adobe material used to fill the space that
located between the beams. Also talking about wood and brick. In today's
construction made use special fencing elements that
fills the space formed between the side framing. Insulation is applied,
which is characterized by high efficiency. can also
used windows.
Such frame structures characterized by toughness and durability. for this
decided to use a different connection details differing accuracy. impact,
that during the construction and technology requirements are respected.

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