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Design features half timbered-houses

Design features half timbered-houses

Design features half-timbered houses.

Design features half-timbered houses. It is important to know exactly what design features timbered suggests what materials are used in construction. Glued laminated timber used to frame walls and load-bearing elements of the roof, as well as a terrace. Additionally performed impregnation with special formulations to ensure protection. When you create a half-timbered house, it is important that the technology works and all requirements have been met in order to obtain a robust structure. On thorns are connecting frame members. Also, the installation is performed in special places plates, staples or metal corners. Anchor bolts are used to attach to the base the lower support beam frame, which have half-timbered houses. Is used as a special tape that is waterproof. Expanded polystyrene is used for the purpose of warming. A special kind of plywood, water resistant which is used to sheathe the cell structure unglazed. To timbered was reliable and durable, it is very important for him to use high-quality materials in the construction. You should also attract professionals performing quality work in compliance with the requirements.

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