About company

Frame Haus company exists since 2003. During this time, we have developed hundreds of projects, as well as produced and built dozens of homes in St. Petersburg, Moscow and throughout Russia. Own technology of production and construction of fachwerk houses allows us to apply different finishes in our modern homes.

Customer comments

Reviews of construction

I want to whole-heartedly thank the staff of Frame Huas for the half-timbered house, the construction of which took only three months. Given the fact that during the construction of the house prices for materials increased by 30%, and the initial cost of construction, calculated in the estimate, did not go up by a penny, I think this is more than a successful investment of money.
The quality of materials at a very high level - after all its own plant for the production of timber is of great importance.
Construction is also no censure: the timing is sustained, the builders are real professionals.

Reviews of construction, Chelikovsky Andrey, St. Petersburg

Alexander, the house

I ordered the construction of a half-timbered house at Frame Haus, because I was interested in low cost with my own production and guarantee.
The estimate was calculated quickly, and it took a little time to sign the contract. Construction was strictly according to plan - a hitch-up due to the fault of the builders was not there. Now I finish the work on interior decoration, and we will enter.
Thank the staff of the company for the dream of childhood - a modern home!

Alexander, the house "Fahwerk" in Novocherkassk, Alexander, the house "Fahwerk" in Novocherkassk

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