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Construction of the house half-timbered project ATRIA (105-2)

Construction of the house half-timbered project ATRIA (105-2)

Half-timbered houses - a popular type of structure.

Such houses as many half-timbered know. Their story building long enough. Today, technology has not lost its relevance. Half-timbered houses are built quite often. Their popularity is celebrated in many countries. The reason for this - the benefits that implies timbered.
The main and most important points inherent in such a structure, lies in the fact that there is not actually present wall bearing, while noting the presence of the frame. To create it used elements which are horizontal and vertical. For the manufacture of made use of wooden beams. This feature, which involve half-timbered houses, becomes very important.
Space that exists between the joists, you must complete. For these purposes, the practice of using stone, adobe, brick, and some other materials. The peculiarity of the walls is that they do not carry the load. This opens up vast opportunities associated with the organization of space within the building. Strength and durability inherent in such a structure, can not fail to attract attention. Duration lifetime of buildings is very long.

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