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This means that heat losses during the day are the house part


Cutting-edge view of the cottage with a huge glass area can not remain indifferent. But not too high heat loss of houses, because we all know that even the most energosbegerayuschy glazing for thermal insulation properties can not be compared with well-insulated wall?
If the answer to this question, without going into complex thermal engineering calculations, it should focus on its practical side. Tudor style house made of glass due to the large glass area carries a relatively large heat loss in the cold season. But on this occasion there are two important observations.
Firstly, in insulating glass units such houses use a special glass with low-emissivity coating, which returns the radiant heat back into the room. Second, the glass is always half-timbered takes into account the location of the cardinal, so that the maximum glass area accounts for the southern direction. This means that heat losses during the day are the house part, and in the off-season and fully compensated due to the accumulation of solar radiant heat, forming a greenhouse effect. This contributes to the special architecture of half-timbered houses with glass filling.

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