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Benefits of fachwerk


Constructing timbered cottage the customer will be a long time to enjoy the many benefits of this style. One of the biggest advantages can be called hidden communication. Electrical wiring and pipes are laid inside the walls and floors.

In the elite projects half-timbered house built with modern floor heating are safe, economical, long life, safety. This house can be built in just five main phases: installation of foundations and foundations, roofing, glazing and wall cladding, lining of communications.

All work is usually done in three months, some of the stages are divided into sub stages, the number defined by the customer depending on the needs.

This high rate of construction allows builders to save a considerable amount of salary. Framework project involves a large number of windows and glass fragments. Glass assigned most of the wall area, light is shed on all sides and fills every, even the most remote corner of the house most of the day, which gives a significant power savings. These houses are for many hundreds of years.


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