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This half-timbered houses are attractive.


Features that distinguish timbered, can not fail to attract attention. Half-timbered houses are distinguished by the fact that the frame made of laminated veneer lumber, designed to perform a carrier function. At the same time this framework inherent rigidity. The walls in this case serve as structures which are enclosing.

Walls inherent lightness. Along with this, their rigidity is different. These features make it possible to resort to the use of the foundation, which is melkozaglublennym. Its cost is low. This half-timbered houses are attractive. The use of frame-frame housing makes it possible to obtain a list of benefits, each of which in its own way important. The design of the steel becomes stable and acquires rigidity.

In addition, it notes the duration of service life and reliability. It is equally important that the saving to the wood. Half-timbered houses are also becoming attractive due to the fact that the construction does not require a long time frame. Thus, the time savings is achieved that in the construction sector in practice is a very important point.


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