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Frame house


Today, many have no time for attention to the construction and repair. Demand for construction - type structure timbered cottage turnkey therefore very high, since its construction requires only two or three months. Upon completion of construction the house is ready to live in it. In deciding to order half-timbered cottage turnkey need to consult with experienced professionals in this business, and selecting a contractor company carefully read the contract, which must be specified deadlines for completion of work, ranging from design to closure device landscape. Frame house would be a dream come very short time, only need to carefully approach the selection of the contractor and find out all the nuances. Today many people prefer to build houses of timber and glass. Modern glulam characterized by greater durability and reliability than natural. Wood has been used for thousands of years, it is eco-friendly, reliable, durable building material that is hundreds of years. Structural walls timbered houses sheathe plates before they were filled inside with clay mixed with straw or reeds today use modern insulation materials.

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